Monday, September 28, 2009

Bling! Bling! Who's There?

Get it? Bling! Bling! Who's there? OK, it's late and I tend to get a little silly when I can't keep my eyes open...So let's change it to the Blooper show! I don't know why we always show our 'bestest' cards - why not show our bloopers and prove to the world that we are human beings with kind and compassionate hearts? So that's what I am doing tonight. I started on the 365 Cards, Day 211 - Super Sketchy Sunday on Sunday night and loved what I was making until I tried to put the sentiment on and '''blooper'''! Smudged the ink, had it all over my hands and stamped the sentiment 3 times! I quit and went to bed...scroll down to see the card I started this morning and finished after work tonight before my low impact aquatic exercise class.

And this is the finished product, oh no! wait! could it be? yes it is! another smudge! And I really do like this card...oh well, let's keep scrolling down to see the finished card...

This is the real card (please stand up!) for my entry at 365 Cards, Day 211 - Super Sketchy Sunday! (Applause, applause!) It is also for Splitcoast Challenge CAS34 to use pink, green, blue, white and chocolate if you wish.
YES! I DID IT! I covered the smudge with a butterfly, I love butterflies coz they cover smudges! Now every time you see a butterfly on my card you will guess there is a smudge under it. Maybe - maybe not!

The next card is for today,
Day 212 - On the Fringes. This week's challenge at Card Patterns Bringing you Sketch 34. And for Splitcoast Challenge To Try a New Technique, Foil Embossing. Wow! A trio of challenges on one card, wait, didn't I just do that last week at 365 Cards?

Now can you see where I got my title? Both cards have lots and lots of bling, bling!
That's all for tonight, gotta wind down so I'll go to sleep. :) Everyone have a great Tuesday!

signing off - Stamping by SAM


Anonymous said...

Great cards, you did a super job, I love the snow flakes on the tin foil, wonderful!!!!

Helen F. said...

Love all the bling ~ and ~ I don't see any 'bloopers' in this group of cards ;O)

Kim said...

ah mom, you are hilarious when you're tired! hehe! In the stampin' group I go to we don't call them mistakes or bloopers but "opportunities for creativity" which I see you took great advantage of! Regardless, wonderful cards! Love the color combo on the first and the 2nd is 'merry and bright'! Aloha, KL

whoistracy said...

Sam, I couldn't agree more! I have a huge stack of bloopers but I love it when I can fix them and make it work to my advantage. Love how you covered that smudge with another butterfly.

Patti J said...

You are just too funny! I love your bloopers girl! Sure missed you today - road tripped to O'Dear's! Thought about you - all good thoughts of course! Kim's right, you are so silly when you're tired! Great cards! (Thank heaven for butterflies!)

~amy~ said...

opportunities for creativity...I like that! seriously, there are no mistakes in them all!