Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inspirational Mug Shot!

Made a quick card tonight, ya know, the 10 minute card that takes 60 minutes!

My inspiration was the mug in the photo. My DD Kim gave it to me some years back (Thanks Kimmy) and I have been wanting to make a card with the red stripes and snowflakes. This fits perfectly with 365 cards challenge for Monday, November 16, Day 261 - Card Recipe.

  • 4x4 Card
  • Red Background
  • Snowflakes (pattern, embellishments, any #, and any variety)
  • 1 ribbon
  • stamped sentiment

I used clear embossing on the cuttlebugged snowflakes card base and to make the stripes. The snowflakes are embossed with white and glitter. The Merry and Bright is from Stampin' Up.

Wouldn't this be a great gift, mug with a card to match and fill it with goodies. Sorry my friends, this is my favorite winter mug for hot chocolate and Chai Tea Latte! Maybe, just maybe, I'll look for another mug to use for an inspirational gift!

Night all!

Stamping by SAM


Patti J said...

You, my friend, are a tease! I got all excited about perhaps winning that fabbie mug, and then you burst my bubble...Great job! Wow! I would really have thought they were a matched pair! You rock, ma'am!!! By the are up entirely too late on a school night, right Kim???

Kim said...

Yes, she is up late...two nights in a row!!! (Man, glad I'm not working with her tomorrow!) But can't say I'm upset by it because we get to see such AWESOME cards!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card!!! (but gotta point out that the buttons were not on the recipe...but just about everyone else broke the rules on this one so I think you're okay to do so too!) The embossed lines are brilliant and match the mug perfectly(had to enlarge it to see all the details and you're spot on!!) GREAT job, mother dear! Can't wait to see tomorrow's late night creation(s!)...think we still need to see the sketch, color, ad and whatever tomorrow is for challenges this week. :) Better get crackin'!!! (and get some sleep!) Aloha, KL and Malie

Patti J said...

Hey you! I was up this a.m at o-dark thirty, had my shower, let the dog out and in, and was dressed by 6:30 this a.m., so don't be picking on me!!! Tee hee...Kim was up late too!

Gloria Stengel said...

Another rebel! I love it! That is one amazing mug and one pretty card! I really do wish I had that mug! We do drink hot drinks in the winter here in San Diego...honest! hee hee I even have a set of snowman mugs. giggle!