Friday, November 27, 2009

The Walnut Tree of Memories Past...

This post is to honor our cousin, Bev, for the poem she wrote and read at my MIL's funeral service in June. The poem is about the Walnut Tree to the right of the picture. Her poem below the pic explains the meaning of the tree to her and the family. Many summers and winters were spent at Great Grandma's farm and the tree was always there for all that visited. A huge storm passed through the valley the day before my mother in law passed away and uprooted the old walnut tree. This is the house Becky (MIL) grew up in and the place that was heaven for my husband. Stories about the farm have been passed from generation to generation, but now it is up to this generation to keep it going. Lucky for us, Bev put it into words for the next generation to read and know about the old family farm.

The Walnut tree of memories past......
By Beverly Blanton Fischer

I remember hearing stories shared of the “Blanton Walnut tree,”
Between my Aunts’ Becky and Margie, without Dad there to referee.

It seemed to spark quite a few tales of childhood memories,
Although both had renditions which neither one could agree.

During the spring the sparse leaves would finally come in full,
Providing shade to the horses, sheep, cows, and maybe even a bull.

The tree may have served as base during those childhood games of hide and seek,
Or maybe it was the place of hiding, hoping no one would dare look up and peak.

It would also provide a bounty of nuts each and every beautiful fall,
Grandma added them to the fudge to be enjoyed at Christmas by all.

I was deeply saddened to get the call today when Mom told me of the news,
A savage storm swept through the farm and left everything gravely bruised.

The Blanton Walnut tree had been uprooted, and was no longer standing tall and proud,
Instead, it lay on the ground looking beaten, and ready to be covered with shroud.

There is no other piece of wood more beautiful than the grain of a Walnut tree,
It possesses such a dark, rich, earthen color, I dare anyone to disagree.

I truly believe that its purpose was served and the time had come to move on,
Instead of being the tree of memories past……it can now be timber full of brawn.

June, 2009

It just seemed too much of a coincidence that the tree fell at the same time my MIL made her journey to heaven. The analogy of the tree and Becky is just too clear. Thanks Bev for your beautiful words and love. This picture is for you with a ton a gratitude.

The picture is an old photograph borrowed from Aunt Wilda (Bev's mom). I scanned/enlarged it and put it in the back of the shadow box frame. The poem is printed on a transparency and placed behind the glass.

Thanks for sharing in our memories...
Stamping by SAM

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craftieodamae said...

What a beautiful poem and story! You almost had me crying, it takes ya back to simplier times..thanks for sharing!!