Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pink Tulip and Yellow Sunflower

2 cards are listed here be sure to scroll down.

Monday, August 3, 2009 Day 156 - Ad Inspired challenge is to be inspired by this picture:

I changed the color from orange to pink and used the picture on the table as my inspiration for the background. I bought the background yesterday at O'Dears, local scrapbook store that has tons and tons of paper. Just ask Patti J. And while your at it, tell her how glad you are that she got me out the house and helped me relax before I head back to work (elementary school counselor for K-4, yes! I need to relax!)

I also bought the Quickutz dies at O'Dears. The vase is a paint sample card, punched an oval, cut the bottom and top off. I learned this from Zindorf.

The next card is for Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Day 157 - Imagine This: Sunflowers. This wasn't so easy. Patti and I both bought sunflower background paper at O'Dears, but I notice she didn't use her paper either! LOL. I really had one sunflower stamp and the background was too busy for it. Then I remember when I was mowing last week I saw sunflowers growing by DH's shop. So I grabbed my camera, let the dogs out (DH is gone and I was 'told' to do that) and took several pictures outside.

So the card above is a photo of that sunflower. I found the quote on the internet. I think this would make a good encouragment card. The yellow mat is cuttlebugged with floral screen. The round clip is being held on with the brad.

I want to send a big hug to Carolyn for sending me the The Circle of Friends award. When I thanked her I told her that I didn't have any idea I would have so many far away friends. I have totally enjoyed seeing what everyone else is doing, what is going in your lifes and learning so much from each of you to extend my creativity. I have each of you to thank for that.

In return for receiving this award, I am supposed to thank the sender and list 5 things about myself that others might find interesting, and nominate 5 others for this award. I will list some facts below, but I would like each of my followers to grab this award for their blog and then pay it forward!

Ok, so did you know...

1. I have the most beautiful, caring daughter and she is my pride and joy! Okay Kim, Mom is done with the mush!

2. I alway wanted to be a teacher. I had a very bad experience starting school and my goal was to become a teacher so "I can do it right"! and show my kindergarten teacher that tying a student to a chair was not the only choice (OK, I was a little ADHD!) . After teaching kindergarten for 12 years I am currently an elementary school counselor. Another goal, to help the kids that can't help themselves. I love my chosen career - I hate the politics that go with it.

3. My husband came home on a ten day leave from Vietnam and we were married August 15, 1971. Do the math, we're celebrating 38 years next week. Hardest thing I have ever done is to watch him board that plane back to the jungle. Oh yeah, that was back in the day when we could go any where in the airport, even to the departing gate!

4.My husband and daughter said I needed to get rid of my stress by getting a hobby. Ha! I did! It's card making and paper crafts and it has taken over one room in my house (my daughter's old bedroom, I grabbed it the day she moved out!) And...I got her started in cardmaking and she has helped me organize my 'gear'!

5. The last but not least that I will share with you is that when I retire, I want us (hubby and me) to move to Hawaii to be close to our daughter. The happy part, Kim and I can papercraft together. The sad part, it'll cost a fortune to ship my 'gear' across the ocean!

Enjoy your day and remember - keep your face to the sunshine! SAM


Cheri said...

I hate to be the first to tell you, the picture is not of your sunflower card, but a spider web. Great shot of it though!

Juls said...

great cards! love them!

Carolyn V said...

Great cards, SAM... I absolutely adore the sunflower one - and the quote from Helen Keller. Quite an amazing lady!

It was nice to read your facts. It's hard having your kids live so far away! (Right now, both of my daughters are 4 hours away - by plane!) I can so relate...
~ Carolyn

~amy~ said...

Fabulous them.

Hey, great to read about you...woo hoo for you being a teacher and now an elementary school counselor! Thank YOU for helping our kids...I appreciate it.

Cheri said...

Now I can see your wonderful card. This is also a great shot of the sunflower. Love how you embossed the background with the CB.


Janis said...

Oh yeah, smores! Thanks for reminding me... adding to grocery list....